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Her full name is Leeloo Dallas Multipass



I’m going to be cliche. But in this case the cliche is the truth. It took me a year to get my shit together to even THINK about checking into colleges. But I’m doing it. Its been 4 years of self destructive thoughts. Currently have not cut in 7 months which is the longest I’ve gone since I started. Yes I still have depression / anxiety / shitty thoughts. There are nights where I debate waking up but I manage to push through all those thoughts. And I’m still alive. I’m here. I’ve been fighting. And if you’re reading this I’m guessing you probably have been to. KEEP FIGHTING. get the help you need. Wanting to kill yourself is not normal. Its not ok. Wanting to self harm, throw up, starve yourself. Not normal thoughts. I’m not calling it weird I’m just saying sometimes when we get used to our illnesses we kind of forget that it ISNT normal. Your friends will think less of you for getting help? They aren’t your friends. You’ll disappoint your parents? Its YOUR LIFE. do not suffer because you think others will like you less. TRUST ME the other side to self hatred (self love) IS possible, and recovery is WORTH it.



wow, look how easy that was.

My name is Jenny... I don't know what to say in this, so.. Mer <3

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